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Learn to eliminate the guesswork 

with a method that gets guaranteed results!

In this webinar, you will uncover 7 training secrets to help you take your freediving to the next level:


How the "no pain, no gain' training mindset is BS and knowing how training really works makes everything easier. 


Why simply doing exercises isn't enough. You need to understand the 3 types of training exercises and when to do the right one.


Why using a training cycle split into three targeted phases and adapting your training approach depending on the needs of each is ESSENTIAL to avoiding freediving plateaus and setting new PBs.


What base training, specific training and peaking training actually are and the myths holding you back.  


How freedive training is generally approached the wrong way (the confusing way!) leading to dead ends. BUT if you know my simple 3-part training method you'll be much more effective.


How to create a small bank of exercises to use regularly in your training to turn your training struggles into strengths.


How to plan your training (simply) to stop wasting your time and make every session count towards setting new personal bests.

Meet Your Freediving Coach – Nathan Vinski

The results speak for themselves:

  • Easy 90-Metre CWT in Competition
  • NO #1 Active CWT Canadian Freediver
  • 4 competitions in two years, all personal bests and all-white cards. 
  • Never burnt out or overtrained.
  • Training is easy and enjoyable!
"As a coach, it's exciting for me to say, I'm not special, anyone can achieve their dream freediving goal with the right method."

Canadian freediving athlete, instructor, and coach with a passion for helping other freedivers realise their potential through training with their long-term progression in mind. 

Having been a struggling freediver for several years, he's experienced it all – hitting freediving plateaus, lung squeezes, blackouts and burnout.

He happily admits that he has "no natural talent for freediving" and that motivated him to go in search of a method that would not only work for him, but for anybody. 

Through hours of research, experimentation, and perseverance he has put together a sports science-based approach to freediving that gets guaranteed results. 

This webinar is for you if...

  • You have limited time or money to train, so you need to make the most of the training you do.
  • You don't have access to a coach, or you can't afford private coaching year-round (who can, right?)!
  • You train really hard, but no matter how much effort you put in, things don’t improve, and you become exhausted and burnt out.
  • "I’ll see what I feel like doing” in a session means repeating the same thing over and over, or working on random exercises without feeling the benefit. 
  • You've set a new personal best, and now you are stuck, unable to go beyond it. Sometimes you can repeat it, but not often.
  • You are committed to training in either the pool, a lake, a quarry, or the sea. And want a plan to progress in either or all of those environments.  
  • You want to improve your freediving but not sure what steps to take to do it.
  • You'd like to learn how to train to progress easier, with a straight-forward process (backed by sports science) that guarantees results, and is actually fun!


"Thanks a lot, 

Nathan. Amazing information."

~ Arsenio

"Very sensible all round info, Thanks Nathan, very worthwhile and informative webinar."

~ Dave

"Thank you for the wonderful session. Great tips and well presented!

~ Pat

"Thanks a lot, Nathan. Very structured information.

~ Dimitri


Whether you train in the pool or depth, you can dedicate one month a year to freediving or train year-round!  Learn the tactics, strategies, and methodologies for creating your own, personalised, and optimised training plans that get results.

"Based on sports science, the training methods that I’ll teach aren’t simply ‘what works for me’. They are universal, and when applied correctly, they will maximise what you're capable of and take your freediving to the next level!"

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